Belichick and the infamous turkey sa'm'ich

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
INDIANAPOLIS -- All good things come to those who wait. Or something like that.

New England coach Bill Belichick made an unscheduled appearance Sunday here in the media room at Lucas Oil Stadium. During a rambling opening statement of nearly 12 minutes that covered his extended NFL coaching tree, Belichick referred to new Detroit coach Jim Schwartz as "probably the smartest guy" of the group.

Belichick hired Schwartz as a low-level front office assistant in Cleveland in 1993 and tried to hire him as the Patriots' linebacker coach in 2000. Titans coach Jeff Fisher blocked the latter move because he considered Schwartz his future defensive coordinator.

Here's part of what Belichick said:

"But Schwartzie was probably the smartest guy [we had]. Georgetown graduate. Schwartzie is one of those guys who you could give him 10 different things to do, and at any point in time you could ask him, 'Where are we on this?' And he'd have it for you in a second, and then you'd throw two or three more things at him, and say, 'Hey Jimmy could you take care of this, could you take care of that?' Half of the time he would say, 'Hey coach I've already started on that.' He was part mind reader. Tremendous work ethic and really just extremely intelligent."

Schwartz enjoys telling the story of how he once ate the last bit of turkey in the office kitchen at the Browns' facility, apparently sparking a flash of anger from Belichick since there was none left for him. Sunday, Belichick smiled and said: "I'm kind of tired of hearing the turkey sandwich story. I don't really remember it that way."