How about a daily mailbag?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Here in the NFC North, we've been running a weekly mailbag feature on Friday afternoons with the understanding that we might change the format as we go. Well, here is the first tweak: Given the size of the response, and the minute-by-minute nature of the NFL, we plan to try a (much) shorter, daily version of the mailbag while still running a longer version on Friday during the preseason.

So keep sending your questions and comments.

Today, Joe of Whitby, Ontario, Canada writes: So far as I have read this pre-season the only question mark for the Vikes is at Quarterback. Is this fact or are the Vikings linebackers not a concern? Thanks.

Kevin Seifert: Joe, the linebacker position was a question mark for so many years in Minnesota that it almost developed into a default question mark. But this season, the Vikings have as solid a group of linebackers -- both starters and in reserve -- as they've had in a long time.

A lot of people thought middle linebacker E.J. Henderson should have made the Pro Bowl last season. He is so aggressive against the run and in the pass rush. On the strong side, Ben Leber rarely makes a mistake. He is a better pass rusher than he gets credit for, and while he might not be flashy, you almost never see him out of position.

On the weak side, Chad Greenway could use a little work on his tackling but he at least seems to get himself in position to make a play. In reserve, the Vikings signed Derrick Pope from Miami and also have special teams star Heath Farwell, who a lot of people think would be a good defensive player if he ever got on the field.