Slow down on Houshmandzadeh hysteria

I'm getting flooded with questions about the potential of soon-to-be free agent receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh landing with the Minnesota Vikings, especially in light of reports that the Vikings have told receiver Javon Walker he will be released. Assuming they follow through with that move, the Vikings will be down to four receivers on their roster.

The Vikings heavily pursued Houshmandzadeh last offseason, considering him a perfect fit for their slot position. Houshmandzadeh chose the Seattle Seahawks instead, partially due to concerns about the Vikings' situation at quarterback. That was before Brett Favre became the Vikings' starter but after they took slot receiver Percy Harvin in the first round of the 2009 draft.

So are the Vikings clearing a roster spot for Houshmandzadeh? Did they just think Walker isn't ready to help them? Or did they not want to guarantee Walker his entire salary by keeping him on their Week 1 roster? I'm not sure yet, but we're on it. The dots are all there for the connecting, but there's nothing to report as of yet.