Your trivia answer

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
It didn't take long for some of you to dig up the answer to Wednesday's trivia question, which asked you to name the four players from the 2005 draft who still remain on their original NFC North roster.

In fact, bmhess06 posted the correct answer exactly 12 minutes after we hit the "publish" button:

  1. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers (1st round, No. 24 overall)

  2. Green Bay safety Nick Collins (2nd round, No. 51 overall)

  3. Chicago quarterback Kyle Orton (4th round, No. 106 overall)

  4. Green Bay linebacker Brady Poppinga (4th round, No. 125 overall)

The other 26 players have either moved on or are free agents. (For you math majors, that translates to a 13 percent success rate.) The failure list includes a stunning four first-round picks and an eight of the first 58 players taken in the draft. The first-round picks:

Black and Blue teams weren't the only ones who swung and missed in the 2005 draft. San Francisco hasn't gotten much out of the No. 1 overall pick, Alex Smith. Tennessee slightly misjudged the character of cornerback Pacman Jones.

But when you consider the state of play last season in the NFC North -- its .390 winning percentage was the third-lowest among all divisions -- you have to attribute at least part of it to the 2005 draft.