FavreWatch: The Camarillo factor

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- We've spent some time discussing why receiver Bernard Berrian wasn't more involved in the Minnesota Vikings' offense during last week's a 14-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

You can pick your reason -- the Saints' coverage priorities, simply not getting open or the failure to develop a connection with quarterback Brett Favre. But the bottom line is that in 17 regular-season games together, Favre and Berrian have connected for 56 passes, a total surpassed by three other Vikings players over the same stretch. So if Berrian doesn't emerge as Favre's top wide receiver option during Sidney Rice's absence, then who will?

We don't have much to go on here, but I wouldn't rule out newcomer Greg Camarillo, who arrived from Miami on Aug. 25 and will face his former team Sunday at the Metrodome. As we've discussed, Camarillo has excellent hands and is the type of player who should engender immediate trust from a quarterback. My sense is Favre will gravitate quickly toward him moving forward, provided the Vikings get him on the field more often than they did against the Saints.

"He's money," Dolphins running back Ricky Williams said Wednesday. "It seems like every time we needed a big play [or] needed a first down, the ball was in the air and it was going to him. You pretty much know it's a catch. He's a hard worker and a very intelligent guy and he's just a great teammate."

Wednesday, I asked Favre if he had bought into Camarillo's reputation as a sure-handed receiver and if it had influenced his trust factor.

"I had heard that," Favre said, "[but] you still have to see it for yourself. It makes you wonder why they traded him. I do think he is everything that they said he would be and then some. We're only going off of ... I think he had one catch last week and I think four or five with me against Seattle [in the preseason]. He runs very good routes. Seems to have great hands. Very knowledgeable of the game. Runs good routes. So once again, I think he's everything that they said he was, and then some. But you still have to ... how does he fit in with us? And get on the same page in a short amount of time is always the trick."

That remains the case for the entire Vikings offense. But on a relative scale, I'm guessing Favre and Camarillo will be up to speed quickly.