Clay Matthews is NFL's Week 1 sack leader

Let's clear up an administrative issue that caused a few of you to question why Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was credited with two sacks in several posts I wrote earlier this week. As you can see over on NFL.com's official listings, Matthews now has three sacks by his name.

The Elias Sports Bureau reviews video of every game to verify all game statistics and occasionally makes mid-week changes. That was the case with Matthews. Elias determined that Matthews tackled Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb for no gain at the end of a scramble midway through the second quarter. A quarterback tackled for no gain technically counts as a sack. Originally, Kolb had been credited for a 1-yard run.

That gave Matthews three sacks for the game and put him on pace for an NFL-record 48 sacks this season. In all seriousness, the chart accompanying this post lists the five players who were in on more than one sack in Week 1. Note the familiar name at the bottom.