Will Vikings pursue Vincent Jackson?

Vincent Jackson Settlement (1:30)

Adam Schefter with the latest on Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson (1:30)

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that a compromise reached Thursday would allow San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson to be traded and play in his new team's fifth game. If the Minnesota Vikings follow up on their reported interest, that means Jackson's first game could be Oct. 17 against the Dallas Cowboys.

The window for a possible trade opens Friday at 4 p.m. ET Friday and closes next Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET. It's unclear exactly what the Chargers would seek in return, but it's generally accepted they would receive a compensatory third-round draft choice in 2012 if they do nothing and let Jackson leave via free agency next year.

Does that mean Jackson can be had for a third-round pick in 2011? Possibly. I suppose it depends on the level of interest around the league and if a bidding war develops. It also assumes that the new team will be willing to give Jackson a market-level deal for at least one year.

The Vikings are facing at least half of the season without Pro Bowl receiver Sidney Rice (hip) and are always week-to-week with slot receiver Percy Harvin, who missed practice Thursday -- presumably because of a hip injury. It makes perfect sense to consider Jackson when they've already gone to the lengths they did to bring back quarterback Brett Favre. As always, stay tuned.