Imagining Jason Smith at No. 1

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
I thought ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay conducted an interesting exercise earlier this week on "SportsCenter": How would the first round of the draft be impacted if Detroit passed on Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and selected Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith instead?

(Many of us think that's the likely scenario, but now's not the time for boasting.)

You need an Insiders subscription to view the entire version of this mock draft, but I'm authorized to let you know where the Black and Blue falls. Take a look:

  • No. 1 overall: Detroit takes Smith

  • No. 9 overall: Green Bay takes Penn State defensive end Aaron Maybin. Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith is still on the board at this point.

  • No. 18 overall: Chicago takes Maryland receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. Missouri receiver Jeremy Maclin and Florida receiver Percy Harvin are both off the board.

  • No. 20 overall: Detroit takes Oklahoma tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman is off the board at this point, if you were wondering.

  • No. 22 overall: Minnesota takes Arizona offensive tackle Eben Britton, who could fit in at right tackle.