Fantasy Friday: Bradshaw or Bears 'D'?

As I've paid more attention this year to fantasy trends, my sources have informed me that defense also matters. You pick a team's defense and hope it does well in that particular game. So let's listen to some advice from ESPN's fantasy expert Christopher Harris on this topic: Who is in better position to produce Sunday night, the Chicago Bears' defense or New York Giants tailback Ahmad Bradshaw?

Here's how Harris addressed that question:

In a bye week, it'll be tough for many fantasy teams to sit Ahmad Bradshaw, especially after he once again looked powerful and elusive last week against the Titans. But the Bears' defense might be a better start than Bradshaw. It has done decently against Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers the past two weeks, but more impressively it has become exceedingly difficult to run against. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Bears have allowed 115 rushing yards on 42 attempts when Chicago has seven men or fewer "in the box," and an impressive four yards on 13 attempts when it has eight men or more "in the box." Bradshaw might be the best rusher the Bears have faced on the young season, but that 2.1 yards per carry allowed overall is tough to ignore.

So if you have Bradshaw, you might want to pass. If you have the Bears defense, this might be a good week for you.