Rodgers not sold on Packers' approach

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- It didn't take too much interpretation Sunday to realize that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not entirely on board with his team's offensive approach in a 28-26 victory over the Detroit Lions. The Packers' offense managed 261 yards against a Lions team that entered the game giving up an average of 413.7, and 48 of those yards came on what Rodgers called an "ad-lib" 48-yard pass play to receiver Donald Driver.

Speaking after the game, Rodgers said the Packers need "to find our identity again" and offered his own suggestions for doing so. Most notably, Rodgers said he thought the Packers should have stayed with what worked for them last week at Soldier Field: Using a spread formation and running quick-timed short- and intermediate pass routes.

It's a complicated issue, so here are Rodgers' words verbatim (courtesy Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee.com):

Was today good enough for this team?

Aaron Rodgers: It's a win, so we're happy about that. Offensively, we've got to find our identity again. I think we've got to make sure that we've got our best players on the field at all times and find ways to get them the ball. We had some ad-libs today where we were able to hit Donald on the big play and stuff. Take that play away and there's really not a whole lot of production. You know, [40] plays, that's not going to cut it. How do you get better from that? You've got to stop them, but you've also got to convert third downs. I think we need to find ways to keep our best players on the field and find ways to get them the ball.

Are you talking out sustaining drives or personnel substitutions?

AR: Both. I think we had great production last week being in the shotgun a lot, spreading them out, and Chicago has a tough scheme. I think Detroit runs their scheme well, but I don't think we gave them a chance (by) spreading them out enough to find those mismatches. When we did, I think we were pretty productive.

Do you want the identity of offense to be to spread it out and get you into a rhythm?

AR: I think you've got to see what's working. I think we had a lot of success last week. Chicago plays a different scheme than Detroit does, but I think we can dink and dunk out of the spread and I think we can attack down the field. I think we need to continue to find ways to keep our weapons on the field at all times.