BBAO: The choice of Collins over Hanie

We’re Black and Blue (and moving on) All Over:

We spent some time this week discussing the impact of the NFL’s concussion policy on the return of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. So now let’s turn our attention to replacement Todd Collins, who at nearly 39 is still only the second-oldest starting quarterback in the NFC North. (Thank you, Brett Favre.)

After watching the New York Giants pile up 10 sacks Sunday night, I wondered if the Bears would turn to the more athletic and mobile Caleb Hanie. After all, Hanie was on track to be Cutler’s backup until suffering a preseason shoulder injury and conceivably would stand a better chance of escaping a heavy pass rush.

But overall, Collins is the safer choice for a 3-1 team playing the 0-4 Carolina Panthers, writes David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune.

Haugh: “The choice of the more proven Collins over the more athletic -- and potentially erratic -- Caleb Hanie makes sense against a winless opponent where the Bears quarterback will be asked only to not lose the game rather than win it. Hanie indeed may offer higher rewards with better mobility. But he is also a higher risk given his inexperience making decisions. Whereas Collins represents a safer, smarter option. ...”

In what has been a draining week for the Bears, I’ll buy into the decision to limit the risk by starting Collins.

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