Werder: NFL to interview Brett Favre*

Hi there. Hope everyone is having an outstanding fall weekend.

Just wanted to make sure you saw Ed Werder's report that the NFL has decided to interview Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre as part of its investigation into whether he sent racy photographs to a former New York Jets sideline reporter in 2008.

It would have been hard to imagine the league conducting a thorough inquiry without speaking to Favre, but commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't committed publicly to it. Typically those meetings occur in the NFL's New York offices, but it's also possible that Goodell could meet with Favre at another location.

Goodell has the latitude to fine or suspend Favre if he determines anything occurred in violation of the league's personal conduct policy.

*Update: Goodell said Saturday that a member of the NFL security will meet with Favre on Tuesday in Minnesota. Tuesdays are typically a day off for NFL players.