Curry: Detroit's not 'that bad at all'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW YORK -- The Beast had a long visit with former Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry today in Central Park. He's an extremely engaging guy who seems as excited about giving to the community as he is about collecting huge paychecks. He's even told the Lions he'd give them a discount in exchange for the "prestige" of being the top pick in the draft.

"I heard some bad stuff about the city," said Curry, "but it's not that bad at all. I really enjoyed it there. And to play between Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson would be amazing."

Curry and Baylor's Jason Smith have become close through this whole process. They're still talking about Wake Forest blowing out Baylor early in the '08 season.

"Jason says they would've beat us 65-0 if we played later in the season," joked Curry.

According to Curry, the two players only collided once during the game -- on a blitz.

"He got me," Curry said of Smith.

Curry said he doesn't think Detroit "can go wrong" with him or Matthew Stafford. And that's the type of attitude that has already endeared Curry to Lions fans. A recent newspaper poll in Detroit indicated that fans were leaning toward Curry. But the Beast still thinks Stafford ends up in Motown.