BBAO: Childress leaning against Favre start

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Thursday, I threw out this thought on Twitter: "Will keep saying it. Childress, not foot, is Favre's biggest obstacle." So goes the prevailing sentiment about how the Minnesota Vikings will determine if quarterback Brett Favre will play Sunday against the New England Patriots.

The Star Tribune reports that while Favre thinks he can play with two fractures in his left foot, coach Brad Childress is leaning toward sitting him and starting Tarvaris Jackson. Childress has said several times that his job sometimes calls for him to protect people from themselves, a reference to Favre perhaps being blinded by his history and not realizing how hurt he is. But Childress is also well-known to be upset with Favre's 14 turnovers and tendency to veer from the offensive scheme this season.

This could all change Friday, the day Favre has targeted to return in some form to practice. By doing so, Favre could remove all doubt about this weekend -- one way or the other -- by his Friday performance. I know some of you aren't thrilled with how heavy we've covered this story, but to me it's a pretty big deal when a quarterback could potentially miss his first start in 292 games -- especially when we don't know if it will be because of injury or a coach's decision.

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