Schwartz: Lions were united on Stafford

Posted by ESPN's Rachel Nichols

DETROIT -- There may have been some fans chanting Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry's name when the Lions unveiled their new uniforms last week (and some fans that photographers caught wearing paper bags over their heads as they gathered to watch the draft today), but coach Jim Schwartz told me he is getting plenty of good feedback on the team's decision to select Matthew Stafford.

Schwartz was at a restaurant with a college friend shortly after the news broke about Stafford on Friday night and said he was inundated by fans excited about the pick. The Lions are plenty excited as well -- Schwartz said he's been in the NFL for 17 years and has never seen a team's personnel in such agreement over a draft pick. It seems Stafford won the Lions over during their private visit with him. The 21-year-old not only had great recall of plays he threw in games years ago (Schwartz said it reminded him of the way golfers can recite shots from previous rounds), but general manager Martin Mayhew said Stafford was great at the whiteboard, able to draw up defensive plays nearly as well as offensive ones.

Rachel Nichols is an ESPN bureau reporter based in New York and covering the draft in Detroit.