NFC North weekend programming note

Many of you have advised me to facilitate a quiet departure for this weekly post. No sense in fanning the already-hot flames, you argue.

Call me stubborn. Call me Mike Martz. (They're synonymous right now anyway.) I think it's important to sketch our coverage plans for the weekend, especially considering they'll be plainly evident in 48 hours anyway. We can't hide from it.

So it's time to tell you that, yes, I'll be at the Metrodome on Sunday to paint the climactic scene of the most tumultuous week in years for the Minnesota Vikings. Will their game against the Arizona Cardinals provide a turning point for the season? Or will it force imminent changes to the Vikings' management structure? We'll let you know.

My plan is to provide some thoughts on the Detroit Lions' game against the New York Jets by early evening. Our friends at ESPNChicago.com will post their reaction to the Chicago Bears' matchup against the Buffalo Bills in Toronto, and with any luck we'll all be planted on the couch Sunday night in time to watch the Green Bay Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys. My wrap-up of that game should post shortly after the final play.

I'll be the first to admit our game coverage hasn't been balanced in 25 percent increments this season. But neither has the news, and that's what we have to follow here. Thanks.