Barnett: Favre would become the enemy

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
You can follow our blog on Twitter here, and you can follow Green Bay linebacker Nick Barnett here. I'm guessing you'll choose the latter, and if you do you'll see the first (semi-) official Packers reaction to the news that retired quarterback Brett Favre will meet with Minnesota coach Brad Childress about joining the Vikings.

(Hat tip to Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.)

Here's Barnett's Tweet, as we like to call it:

"Thoughts on frave [sic]... Well didn't want to comment but hey anyways I think he should do what ever he feels is in his heart.. But once he puts that purple he will become an enemy which is all part of the game.. It's hard to imagine him doing that."

Barnett is recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament, but chances are he'll be recovered in time for the Oct. 5 matchup between the Packers and Vikings. (With or without Favre, that game will be televised on ESPN's "Monday Night Football." Just thought I'd throw that in there.)