Angelo not planning a spending spree

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
During our SportsNation chat Monday, Jeff of Wayne, N.J., asked:

Now that the Bears have [Jay] Cutler do they have any plans of getting someone he can throw the ball to? Everyone makes fun of them being without a decent QB for years but besides an aging [Muhsin] Muhammad they haven't done anything at WR either...

Bears fans waiting for their team to make a secondary run on the free agent market might not want to get their hopes up. In his regular Q&A with the team's Web site, general manager Jerry Angelo didn't sound too enthused about the idea.

Angelo: "I wouldn't rule it out totally. [Director of Pro Personnel] Bobby DePaul and his staff, Kevin Turks and Dennard Wilson, are always looking for veteran players at all positions that can upgrade us or create better competition. Bobby and his staff have done a great job of doing this over the years."

We've all seen how important words like "totally" can be. (See: "At this time.") But there are no indications the Bears are eager to start adding veterans to their roster. One who has almost no chance is defensive end Simeon Rice, who hasn't played since 2007 but has suggested he would like to play for new Bears defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

Angelo: "At this point I doubt we'd be pursuing Simeon as an alternative. He was a great player and I really respect what he did for Tampa. I thought he was the missing link that put them over the top during their Super Bowl year."