Sharper followed a similar, if less noticed, path

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
I'm working on compiling a representative sample of the 600 or so Green Bay fans who have responded to Wednesday morning's request. But first, let's hear from a guy who would know what it's like to switch teams within this division.

Safety Darren Sharper spent eight seasons in a Packers uniform before signing with the Vikings in 2005. Sharper left Minnesota this spring to sign with New Orleans, and on Wednesday he made the media rounds as the Brett Favre story gained steam.

Sharper told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he is "100 percent sure" Favre will come out of retirement to play for the Vikings. Ultimately, Sharper said, the urge to avenge his departure from Green Bay will prove too attractive.

"This is a perfect opportunity for him not only to come back," Sharper said, "but also to put a foot in [general manager] Ted Thompson's rear."

But Favre shouldn't expect the sympathy of Packers fans, Sharper told NFL Sirius Radio.

Sharper: "[I]t's going to probably be exponentially more [than] the backlash that I had to deal with once I came to Minnesota's side from the Packer fans. He's not going to want to answer any fan mail. He's not going to want to look at any Web sites or blogs because the way I took a beating when I left Green Bay and headed to Minnesota, to think of Brett Favre, a legend for the Packers, going to Minnesota? He won't be able to go back to ... Wisconsin to get inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame because they're going to be a little bit upset. But, in saying that, you have to understand it is a business. Even though I'm going to be playing on that Sunday, I'm going to make sure I Tivo that game when Green Bay plays Minnesota if Brett Favre is the QB for the Vikings because that's going to be one for the ages."

More to come from the Packers angle shortly.