Week 11 Power Rankings: NFC North

As we noted last week, NFC West colleague Mike Sando has developed an analysis that provides new relevance to ESPN.com's weekly Power Rankings. Sando is now applying the rankings to a unique strength-of-schedule chart that evolves weekly based on subjective observation rather than records alone.

So as we reveal the Week 11 rankings, let's also look at how they shape the remaining schedules for our NFC North co-leaders. Based on the average power ranking of their remaining opponents, the Chicago Bears have the third most-difficult upcoming schedule in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers rank No. 11 on that list.

Of course, power rankings can be slanted significantly by the individual observations of the four-man panel. The Bears, for example, rank No. 17 this week -- 10 spots below the Packers -- largely because Sando ranked them No. 21 overall. Sando covered a pretty poor Bears performance against the Seattle Seahawks last month.

On that note, let's look at the full divisional performance:

7. Green Bay Packers

Trending: No change after the bye week.

17. Chicago Bears

Trending: Up two after defeating the Minnesota Vikings 27-13 on Sunday.

24. Minnesota Vikings

Trending: Down two after losing 27-13 to the Chicago Bears.

31. Detroit Lions

Trending: Down four after losing 14-12 at the previously-winless Buffalo Bills. Only the Carolina Panthers (1-8) rank lower.