Oh yeah, the Packers...

At the request of TDbuddah, Tokyo Sandblaster and others, we're going to ramp up coverage this week of the Green Bay Packers in anticipation of their matchup Sunday with the Minnesota Vikings. But before we get to that, let's close the book on the Packers' decision to place right tackle Mark Tauscher on injured reserve last week.*

At the time, we wondered if the move would mark the end of Tauscher's career. He's 33, and injuries have shortened four of his past five seasons. In discussing Tauscher's injury, combined with the departure of cornerback Al Harris, coach Mike McCarthy said: "Al Harris and Mark Tauscher have been excellent Packers and we appreciate that. But at some point careers do come to an end and you move on and you appreciate what they have done."

Tauscher has one year remaining on his contract, but it sure looks as if the Packers are prepared to move on without him. Rookie Bryan Bulaga will take over his position for at least the duration of the season. In a classy move, however, the Packers have asked Tauscher to continue traveling with the team and even attend meetings to help lend his insight.

(*And for those of you up in arms about our dip in Packers coverage during the past week, may I kindly remind you they were on a bye.)