A low point for Air & Space

We've noted on a few occasions that Air & Space 2.0 in the NFC North has been a dud. Never has that been more evident than last weekend.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, via ESPN Stats & Information, NFL quarterbacks combined for a 96.3 passer rating in Week 10 -- the highest one-week average in the history of the league. But none of the three NFC North quarterbacks in action were anywhere close to that mark.

The Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler led the (NFC North) way with an 87.4 passer rating, which last weekend ranked No. 20 among all quarterbacks who threw a pass.

Shaun Hill had a 75.7 passer rating for the Detroit Lions, ranking No. 25.

Brett Favre's 44.5 rating for the Minnesota Vikings ranked No. 33 -- and last.

To quote my favorite cat, "Thpppt!!"

(Hat tip to NFC West colleague Mike Sando for helping me organize ESPN's data. Excel is cool when you're not afraid of it.)