Expectations soaring for Bears

My ESPN.com colleague Gene Wojciechowski covered the Chicago Bears' 16-0 victory Thursday night over the Miami Dolphins. Afterwards, he addressed the significance of their 7-3 record.

As we discussed last week, we're long past the relevance of aesthetics. No matter how it has happened, whom it has happened against or what circumstances contributed to the victory, the Bears are one of two teams in the NFC with seven victories. Here's how Wojciechowski distilled the Bears' position after speaking with Bears center Olin Kreutz:

The Bears have six games remaining, supposedly the toughest stretch of their schedule: Philadelphia Eagles, at Detroit, New England Patriots, at Minnesota, New York Jets and at Green Bay. I'm not buying it.

The way things are going for the Bears, Michael Vick will quit football to write his best-selling autobiography, the Lions will forfeit, Tom Brady will skip the Bears game so he can compete in a hair-off with Troy Polamalu, the Vikings will stage an anti-Chilly boycott, Rex Ryan will suffer an M&Ms overdose and Aaron Rodgers will injure himself while doing the Lambeau Leap.

Anything is possible with the Bears, including another visit to Dallas, this one in February.

"That's what we're saying," Kreutz said. "That's what we're saying now: 'Why not us?'."

You know what? Why not?