Brett Favre to 're-evaluate'

MINNEAPOLIS -- With his team buried and bickering, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre used an interesting verb Sunday to describe his short-term plans.


Twice during his postgame news conference, Favre said he planned to "go home" and "re-evaluate."

What will he re-evaluate? Favre wasn't clear. But he did not directly answer a reporter who asked if he was committed to playing the rest of the season.

"I would never have expected to be in this situation," Favre said. "Mathematically I think there is still some hope. I hate to use Jim Mora's comments about playoffs. I can't even think about that. I know there is still a slim chance, but come on. We've got to play a lot better than we played today and last week.

"I came back for a Super Bowl, you're right. Also [there is] a chance that that doesn't happen, probably a better chance that we don't. And there's a way better chance that you won't play as well as last year. ... But this is a little surprising. Again, I'm just going to go home and ... I don't want to say 'think' about this game. Just re-evaluate tomorrow."

Favre has given enough news conferences to know that his answer left open the possibility that he would opt for an early retirement now that the Vikings' season seems cooked. But would Favre really give up $6 million -- the salary he would lose for skipping the Vikings' final six games? And would he really want his final act as an NFL player to be walking out on his team?

I highly doubt it. But as we know with Favre, we should never rule anything out.