Favre's plan 'puzzling'

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
What exactly is going on with Brett Favre's partially torn biceps injury? Stephania Bell, a certified orthopedic clinical specialist and ESPN consultant, has her doubts.

Bell has not examined Favre but said the circumstances surrounding his pursuit of non-surgical treatment are "puzzling." In the video below, Bell suggests Favre and his doctors might not be certain that the sole cause of his pain last season the tendon. If that's the case, there could be a chance that surgery to complete the tear would not fully alleviate the problems he had last season.

Delaying surgery in favor of exercise, Bell said, could be a "test" to determine if the sole issue is the biceps or if he might have other damage in his upper arm/shoulder as well. Here's how Bell put it Thursday night:

"What this development suggests is that there may indeed be more than one cause of pain in Favre's shoulder. The biceps may be a big cause of symptoms (or even the biggest) but with [arthroscopic surgery] being such a simple solution for an isolated biceps situation, his apparent reluctance to proceed implies that a 'pain-free' outcome is not guaranteed. If it ruptures independently [through exercise], then he can assess, without surgery, just what 'percent' of his symptoms are due to the biceps."

Again, very few people have seen Favre's actual medical records. But there seem to be two possibilities: Favre either has an extreme aversion to surgery or the condition of his shoulder could be more complex than currently believed.