Around the NFC North: Cutler's 'IFO'

Posted by ESPN.com staff

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

  • Lions rookie linebacker Zack Follett has found out there is a lot to learn in making the jump to the NFL. Follett: "An NFL defense compared to a college defense is nowhere near -- complexity, the little details. If you turn your head at the wrong time for a split-second, the coaches are on you pretty tough."

  • Will expanding the regular season hurt the appeal of the NFL? Terry Foster of The Detroit News ponders the possibility.

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

  • Adrian Peterson has cut back on his off-the-field endeavors to focus on becoming a better all-around football player. Peterson: "Through the past two or three years, I've had the experience of doing too much and not really being able to dedicate the time I would like to working out and preparing myself. I've really cut back a lot this year. I have more time to study film and really just focus on the most important things that make those things possible off the field. Get my body prepared."

  • Vikings center John Sullivan knows nothing is going to be handed to him as he tries to replace the departed Matt Birk.