FavreWatch: 'Most indecisive I've been'

From Snowmaggedon, we go to Favreageddon.

FavreFavreI presume you recall that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is dealing with a sprained SC joint near his right shoulder, an injury that has provided the biggest test yet of his quick-healing powers. Favre told ESPN's Ed Werder, in fact, that this is "the most indecisive I've been" about whether he would play in a game since his streak of 297 consecutive starts began in 1992.

(We'll allow "indecisive" to pass without comment tonight.)

Favre didn't throw anything more than a 10-yard flip during a brief appearance in practice Friday, and he told Werder he did nothing Saturday. In order for Favre to start Sunday against the New York Giants, no matter when the game starts, he will have to demonstrate he can throw at full speed during pregame warmups.

As we discussed during the week, any other player would have already been ruled out. Favre gets the benefit of the doubt from the Vikings, and us, because he has found ways to get on the field so many times before. But Sunday will be his biggest challenge ever. Stay tuned.