Black and Blue all over: Schwartz and Kid Rock

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
It's shaping up to be a pretty busy Monday in June for the NFC North. We've got our full array of blogging scheduled as well as our weekly SportsNation chat. And we'll be throwing on a pot of coffee at around 9 p.m. ET to hear Brett Favre break his silence on HBO.

But first up this morning is a pretty interesting glimpse into the personality of Detroit coach Jim Schwartz, who was the honorary starter Sunday at the LifeLock 400 in Brooklyn, Mich. Local hero Kid Rock served as the grand marshal, and a reporter asked Schwartz -- a noted heavy metal/hard rock fan -- what his favorite Kid Rock song was.

According to Mike Pryson of Mlive.com, Schwartz immediately said it was "Cocky" and followed up by quoting this lyric: "It ain't bragging if you can back it up." I won't link to the rest of the lyrics, which contain some words not suitable for family viewing, but I'm guessing most interested parties know how to use Google.

We'll be eager to see Schwartz "back it up" once training camp starts next month.

Continuing around the NFC North:

  • Lions safety Louis Delmas is better than advertised, writes Tom Kowalski of Mlive.com.

  • Bob Sansevere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has an engaging Q&A with Minnesota's quiet middle linebacker, E.J. Henderson.

  • Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune writes that Favre will have to accept an incentive-laden contract if he signs with the Vikings.

  • Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hopes something good will come of the Favre saga over the past year: "If one more person could be steered away from hero worship because of this farcical theater, then all the divisiveness and minor annoyances of the last year were worthwhile."

  • Lori Nickel of the Journal Sentinel was on hand for a charity softball game hosted by Packers receiver Donald Driver.

  • Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun-Times looks at the work being done to create chemistry between new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his receivers.

  • Cutler received a standing ovation Saturday night at Soldier Field when he appeared on stage during a Kenny Chesney concert, writes David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune.

  • Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs on the possibility of Favre signing with the Vikings, according to NFL.com: "We know he's going to throw us a few. He's thrown me a few, but I've also dropped several that I should have caught. We'd love to see Favre go there to play. We'd welcome it."