Burress available -- but are the Bears buying?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
I've answered the Plaxico Burress question the same way every time a Chicago fan asks. It has seemed inevitable that Burress would face legal and/or NFL discipline as a result of his ongoing weapons possession case. It didn't seem to make sense for a team to pursue him before that process plays out.

Things might have changed in the past few days, however. Burress' case has been adjourned until September, and agent Drew Rosenhaus believes the case won't be decided until after the season. As a result, Rosenhaus is actively trying to get Burress signed with a team willing to take on his situation.

Via his Twitter account, Rosenhaus said he hopes to have Burress signed somewhere before training camps begin. Rosenhaus added: "We are also confident that the NFL will not have grounds to discipline Plex until after the adjudication of his case after this season."

Theoretically, then, Burress could be available to an NFL team for all 16 games in 2009. But we still don't know any more about the central question for the purposes of this blog: Will the Bears will be interested?

Many observers have drawn the connection between Chicago and Burress because of the Bears' lack of veteran receivers. Current No. 1 receiver Devin Hester has expressed hope that the Bears would add to their depth, and Burress is the best available free agent at this point.

Tellingly, however, we are aware of only one half-hearted attempt to add a veteran receiver this offseason. General manager Jerry Angelo acknowledged he tried to trade the No. 49 overall pick in the April draft for Arizona's Anquan Boldin, a bargain-basement offer that didn't have much of a chance.

The Bears haven't really tried to augment their receiving corps through free agency. Would the latest development with Burress give them new incentive? Stay tuned.

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