Packers fans: Sound the (Viking) horn

Wednesday morning's post on the Green Bay Packers' postseason chances spurred debate and some interesting suggestions. My point was to note the Packers' path won't be easy, given the level of help they will need to pull it off.

That said, I think it's worth spelling out a scenario originally outlined by Z-Man1017. The upshot: The Packers could lose Sunday night to the New England Patriots and still be in position to win the NFC North. Here is the if: The Chicago Bears must lose on Monday night to the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium.

Here's how it would work:

Week 15

Bears lose to Vikings

Packers lose at New England Patriots

Week 16

Bears win at home against New York Jets

Packers win at home against New York Giants

Week 17

Packers defeat Bears at Lambeau Field

If it works out that way, both teams would finish the season at 10-6. But the Packers would win the division based on the NFL's fourth tiebreaker -- a one-game advantage in conference record.

While I could see this scenario taking place, I wouldn't call it easy. It would require the Bears to lose two of their final three games, and three of their last four overall, and puts a premium on the Vikings winning Monday night in a game they might be forced to start rookie quarterback Joe Webb.

So as much as it would pain Packers fans, they would be advised to root for the Vikings on Monday night.