The issue of Favre's (personal) locker room

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. After all, it has barely been 24 hours since retired quarterback Brett Favre said he needs more progress from his surgically-repaired arm before he decides whether to play in 2009.

Edwards Favre
In an advance of that, however, one Minnesota player has already fired the first shot across Favre's bow. Appearing Thursday on ESPN's First Take, defensive end Ray Edwards said he would expect Favre to use the same locker room as every other player. Favre has drawn some criticism in the past for using a separate locker room last season with the New York Jets.

"You've got to go to war with these guys," Edwards said. "If you don't want to share a locker room with them, that's kind of b.s."

Favre had a locker assigned in the Jets' primary locker room but he actually used a nearby office.

"I wouldn't like it that much," Edwards said. "Everybody else has got to share a locker room. What makes you so different?"

Edwards made clear he would welcome Favre to Minnesota, saying: "We think it's definitely going to be a great addition to the team if he does come." But when host Dana Jacobson asked if he wished Favre had already signed and at least attended some offseason workouts, Edwards said: "It would have been [nice], just to see his personality, how he interacts with guys. But you know, he's a Hall of Fame quarterback, and you know most of them are pretty much prima donnas."

Edwards has been a starter for most of the past two years, but isn't typically listed among the Vikings' veteran leaders. He's also prone toward hyperbole. Last year, in fact, Edwards predicted he would break Michael Strahan's all-time record for sacks in a season. He finished 2008 with five sacks, just 17.5 fewer than Strahan's record.

Nevertheless, I would imagine Edwards is not the only Vikings player who shares the locker room sentiment. It's the kind of symbolic statement that rankles veterans throughout the league. Earlier this year, in fact, Newsday reported that Jets players considered Favre "distant" in part because he spent so little time in the team's locker room.

Will this issue impact whether Favre ultimately signs with the Vikings? I doubt it. But Edwards ensured it will at least be a topic of conversation if and when it comes to that.