BBAO: Mike Tice settles Bears' line

We're Black and Blue All Over:

We haven't written or heard much about the Chicago Bears' offensive line of late. That silence can mean only one thing: The Bears aren't giving anyone much to complain about in that area.

As Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times writes, the Bears' line was actually a strength during last Sunday's 38-34 victory over the New York Jets. Offensive line coach Mike Tice has settled down the weekly personnel changes that held back the group earlier this season and the entire offense is benefiting from offensive coordinator Mike Martz's balanced play-calling.

Tice: "[The Jets game] was the fastest they have played, meaning mentally sharp coming off a short week against a team that does a lot of stuff. You're always going to get unscouted looks against the Jets, and I thought it was the best job the guys did of handling the unscouted looks, which tells me they are starting to learn the rules we've tried to install. That means they're getting it and they're getting better."

Continuing around the NFC North on the morning of New Years' Eve: