Vikings moved fast on Leslie Frazier

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- As we await pregame warm-ups at Lambeau Field, the Star Tribune is reporting that the Minnesota Vikings have hired interim coach Leslie Frazier for the permanent job. Obviously, the decision came before the start of the Vikings' game against the Detroit Lions -- who are leading the Vikings 13-7 in the third quarter at Ford Field.

No matter what happens in that game, Frazier will finish with at least the same number of victories (three) in his six-game tenure as former coach Brad Childress had in 10.

Some of you could point out that Frazier presided over some uninspired losses to the New York Giants and Chicago Bears, both of which were forced to alternate locations after the Metrodome roof collapse. But judging an interim coach by the record he achieves with another coach's team is always tricky. More than anything, Frazier proved to be a calming influence over a team that was in chaos at the time of Childress' departure.

As I've written before, I would not have blamed the Vikings if they had opened the process to a wider swath of candidates. But given the competition around the NFL for head-coaching candidates, the Vikings were smart to move quickly on Frazier once they determined he was their man.

Now then. It's true that three days ago, I wrote it appeared that Frazier was not the Vikings' top choice. I based that analysis on Frazier's statement that he had yet to hear anything about his future from owner Zygi Wilf. It seemed to me that if a deal was going to come together by Sunday, it would have already been put into motion by the middle of the week.

I also did some reporting that suggested the Vikings' decision-makers were, at best, conflicted about how to move forward with the situation. In the end, I listened to the wrong people, and that's my fault.

I always try to push the envelope on this blog and will continue to do so in the name of breaking new ground. But ultimately, my first goal is to be right.

Until I reach a state of zen-like perfection, however, sometimes I'll be wrong. This was one of those occasions.

We'll have more on Frazier's apparent ascent as it develops this week.