Packers in Philly: QB scrambles

The Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick led all NFL quarterbacks with 676 rushing yards this season.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers ranked No. 3 with 356 yards.

Our friends at ESPN Stats & Information took a different and interesting look at each quarterback's ability as a pure scrambler. As best they could, they discounted designed runs and kneel-downs to come up with a "scramble" ranking -- reflecting only those runs that began as a passing play but broke down for whatever reason.

As the chart to the right shows, Rodgers scrambled more often than any NFL quarterback other than Vick, totaling 366 yards on 43 scrambles.

(The absence of kneel-downs and short-yardage sneaks accounts for why the scramble subtotal is higher than his net rushing yards.)

What do these numbers tell us?

More than anything, we know that on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, we'll be watching the two quarterbacks in the NFL this season who were most likely to break the pocket.

Talk to you in Philly.