Favre cashing in on delay

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Now we know why Brett Favre has taken so long to decide whether to sign with Minnesota: He wanted to capitalize on the lucrative Waffling Market.

According to the Twitter feed of Sears Holdings Corp. -- bet you didn't know Sears had a Twitter feed -- Favre will star in a new commercial that plays off his legendary inability to make a career decision. Here's the full press release, including a photo.

In the spot, a Sears sales associate notes the store has real-time price checks "as a way to help guys who have a tough time making decisions."

The associate adds: "You know the type, right?"

Says Favre: "Yeah, I hate those guys."

Favre's decision could come as early as today or as late as ... well, let's not go there yet.