Reilly on Cutler: 'Popular as gout'

ESPN.com columnist Rick Reilly dropped by the Chicago Bears' practice complex this week and came away, uh, decidedly unimpressed with quarterback Jay Cutler.

Reilly: "Cutler could own Chicago if he wanted. In a city that's had as many good quarterbacks as Omaha has had good surfers, Cutler could have his name on half the billboards and all the jerseys. My God, the kid grew up a Bears fan! But he doesn't even try. He has zero endorsements and doesn't want any. If there is such a thing as a Jay Cutler Fan Club, Cutler is having a membership drive -- to drive them out."

As we discussed Wednesday, Cutler's status in the public eye won't have any impact on how he plays in Sunday's divisional playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. But the extended point of Riley's column is valid. You can only assume that Cutler puts more effort into the football side of his job than he does into the public-relations part.