Return to Atlanta: Postseason winning

ATLANTA -- We're live here from the Georgia Dome, where in just a few more hours the Green Bay Packers will kick off their divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.

While we're waiting, it's worth pointing out what Gabes22 passed along in the previous post. I've since verified the information.

Gabes22: Something I just figured out. If Green Bay beats Atlanta today, and Pittsburgh beats Baltimore, Green Bay can overtake the NFL lead in all-time playoff winning percentage. It would bring Green Bay up to .6279, bring Pittsburgh up to .6274, and drop Baltimore to .600.

As I type this, the Steelers trail the Ravens 21-7 in the second quarter of their divisional game at Heinz Field.

I'll have a few more posts, including any pregame roster news that might arise, before joining NFC South colleague Pat Yasinskas in our NFL Countdown Live chat. Back in a bit.