Wade makes things interesting for the Bears

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
MANKATO, Minn. -- You've got to watch yourself here in the Black and Blue. I packed up the NFC North Winnebago at about 1:30 p.m. ET, and by the time I arrived at Minnesota State, Mankato, we had a new national controversy on our hands.

Wade Cutler Urlacher
As you might have heard, Minnesota receiver Bobby Wade went on a Twin Cities radio station Wednesday and suggested that Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher isn't a big fan of new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

The specific wording was crude enough that KFAN-1130 hit the mute button before it got on air, but you can hear the whole thing about halfway through in this podcast.

Wade, who played for Chicago from 2003-05, said he ran into Urlacher last weekend in Las Vegas and had "a long conversation." Wade said he didn't want to get Urlacher "in trouble" but said Cutler "wasn't what they expected."

Wade added: "It's tough. If you've got a little bit of that going on, and you're playing Chicago, and not only that, but this NFC North, it's just not acceptable."

Wade is a bright and media-savvy player. Having interviewed him many times, I don't think there's any chance this was an accident or a joke. We have yet to hear from Urlacher, but at this point I'm assuming Wade didn't make up the conversation, either. You do have to wonder how Urlacher could have already drawn any dramatic conclusions about Cutler, but you never know.

We have access to some Vikings players here a little later Wednesday. If Wade is among them, we'll be sure to seek clarification. Wade, who is fighting for a roster spot after the Vikings drafted Florida receiver Percy Harvin, might have done the team a favor by giving us media jackals something else to talk about besides Hewhoshallnotbenamed.

Stay tuned.