A roll of the dice

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

MANKATO, Minn. -- Will it be a coin flip? Rock-paper-scissors? What about picking straws?

With a straight face, those were the options Minnesota coach Brad Childress suggested Thursday for arranging the first-team snaps of quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels when the Vikings begin practicing Friday morning. Jackson took the first snaps of organized team activities during the spring, but luck will be the determining factor this time around.

"We've been talking about it as a staff," Childress said. "I've gotten the owners involved with this. ... We're trying to make sure it's something that's fair. We might come up with something different tonight. We might pitch horseshoes and say best out of three."

(For those without quick recall, Chicago coach Lovie Smith used a coin flip last summer to give Rex Grossman the initial snaps of camp.)

Childress has recently thrown third-stringer John David Booty into the mix while discussing the looming competition. But Childress admitted Thursday it will be nearly impossible to give Booty a legitimate opportunity in the early part of camp.

"Usually that doesn't happen," Childress said. "Maybe a few snaps. But basically [Booty] is going to try to earn those snaps to accelerate and go from where he's standing -- third in line right now -- to get turns with the twos and then possibly elevate to the ones."

Those were the highlights of an anti-climactic news conference that once seemed the most likely window for the Minnesota debut of Hewhoshallnotbenamed.

I'll be back with you in a bit.