Jay Cutler's return: 'Questionable'

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has left the NFC Championship Game, having been replaced by backup Todd Collins.

Cutler has a left knee injury, according to the Bears’ radio network. The team termed his return questionable.

The injury apparently happened in the second quarter, and Cutler went to the locker room early. He returned for the first series of the second half, but Collins started the second series.

This makes a bad situation worse for the Bears. Collins was horrible in his only start of the season, throwing four interceptions against the Carolina Panthers.

It’s still 14-0 with 8 minutes, 35 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

For now, at least, I'll avoid the question of how seriously Cutler would have to be hurt in order to come out of an NFC Championship Game. I know many of you are going bonkers about it in cyberspace, but the truth is we just don't know what his injury is yet.