Three questions with Ted Thompson

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Presiding over his fifth training camp as the Packers' general manager, Ted Thompson is watching his work at play. Almost every player on the practice field can be traced to one of Thompson's drafts, the products of a structured philosophy designed to build almost exclusively with homegrown talent.

As a result, our conversation this week centered around the areas where Thompson is relying most heavily on recently drafted players to step into important roles. Here are some highlights of the interview:

You drafted quarterbacks Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn last season, and they're the only depth behind starter Aaron Rodgers. Do you feel comfortable with their progress this summer?

Ted Thompson: Yeah, they've done very well. I think it started early last season when Aaron got banged up in Tampa. I think that opened their eyes a little bit. ... I think what people have to get used to is that even though those guys played at high levels collegiately, is that the speed of the game and the chaos that's happening around you as a quarterback [is much greater here]. You realize that almost everyone you can see is really wanting to kill you. That's a different mindset. But I think they've done well. I've seen it in practices and I think you'll see it in the preseason games.

You're looking at some minimally experienced right tackles in training camp. Is re-signing Mark Tauscher still an option for you if and when his knee gets healthy?

TT: In terms of where he is in his rehab, I think there is still some work to do. I think he's a good player and a solid professional and I know that he wants to continue to play. You never say never.

How have you felt about the guys you've had in there?

TT: I think they're doing OK. There is less certainty because of experience.