DraftWatch2011: Jake Locker impresses

Our long and winding postseason trip has left us unable to focus as much on Senior Bowl festivities as we otherwise would have. But it's worth taking the time to note the mostly positive reviews of a player who likely will be part of our NFC North draft discussion this spring.

Washington quarterback Jake Locker apparently has made a good impression on NFL scouts and is on the way to solidifying a mid-first round ranking. That puts him squarely in the sights of the Minnesota Vikings, who have the No. 12 pick and are searching for their quarterback of the future.

Here is a snippet of Todd McShay's report on Locker's work in Senior Bowl practices this week:

We've known all along that Locker has the size (6-3, 230 pounds), arm strength and athletic ability, but the positive that came out of this week is by playing with better players around him, he is better than what you see on film when he was playing behind the line and using only the weapons he had at Washington. I think it also has been helpful for Locker to go through the process. He's showing NFL personnel and coaches that he's committed to get better and has good football character. He understands he's flawed and has areas he needs to improve on.

On Friday, we'll take a look at the Senior Bowl from the Detroit Lions' perspective.