XLV: The Freezer's moves are catching on

"The Freezer" it is.

Earlier this week, we combined with SportsNation to ask you one of the most-pressing questions currently facing mankind: What's the best nickname for Green Bay Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji? Your options were "The Freezer," which Raji coined himself; "Raj Mahal," his nickname in high school; and "Garaji," submitted by reader @jbraun1610.

At last check, "The Freezer" had captured the votes of 46 percent of those who responded. "Raj Mahal" received 35 percent and "Garaji" about 19 percent.

Now that we have made the world a safer place for humanity, let's take a look at how "The Freezer" is impacting our culture. It appears his now-infamous belly/hula dance has caught on with the faculty and students of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, as evidenced by this video. It's worth your 1 minute and 11 seconds.