XLV: Let's take this thing up a notch

A Green Bay Packers billboard stands on the side of a freeway heading into Dallas. Kevin Seifert/ESPN.com

DALLAS -- I caught a glimpse of Cowboys Stadium from the air Sunday morning as the NFC North corporate jet approached the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Wow. What a monstrous building. For perspective, the Texas Rangers' Ballpark in Arlington -- which is basically across the street -- looked like the morsel of caviar I spilled on my shirt. I can't wait to see how the NFL dresses up Cowboys Stadium this week.

Which brings us to our plans for the next eight days or so. We spent much of past week writing about the Green Bay Packers in a vacuum, hitting three topics in detail:

  1. The emergence of nose tackle B.J. Raji.

  2. The myths and realities of tailback James Starks' emergence.

  3. The Packers' wild offensive success when playing indoors during the Aaron Rodgers era.

Starting Monday, I want our discussions to include the context of their opponents. How will the Pittsburgh Steelers match up with the factors that got the Packers to Super Bowl XLV? That's where I see our focus heading as the game gets close. And like it or not, I fully plan to sprinkle the best oddities I witness or hear about during the Packers' Super Bowl experience.

One of those topics has been the Packers' ongoing team photo issue, which I'll get to shortly. But more than anything, I want to welcome everyone (by proxy) to the first-ever Super Bowl week on the NFC North blog.