Three (and a half) questions with Lance Briggs

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs was in a jovial mood when he stopped to chat with a group of reporters Wednesday. In between one-liners, Briggs provided some insight into the state of the Bears defense. The highlights:

Everyone has been talking about the job new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli is doing. How does the defensive line look to you?

Lance Briggs: They're getting after it so well right now. It just brings a smile to everyone's face. Because we know that everything starts up front. If our defensive line is getting after it like they've been getting after it all summer, then it opens things up for everybody else.

Brian Urlacher has been one of the game's best linebackers but he has slipped in the past few years. Which guy are we going to see this year?

LB: What guy do you want? Tell me what guy you want, and I'll tell you what you're going to get.

The guy who was playing at Pro Bowl level.

LB: That's what you're going to get.

What is it like having Bob Babich back as your linebackers coach?

LB [laughing]: It's rough. It's rough. Bob's good. Bob's very detailed. It's kind of like having your old uncle back, one that's finally left the house and you're like, 'Yes!' And he comes back and you're like, '[darn!]'