XLV: Packers still mulling practice site*

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Metroplex endured a rare snow and ice storm Tuesday morning, and high temperatures aren't expected to rise above freezing until Friday. The NFL has indicated the Green Bay Packers would move their first practice of Super Bowl week to an indoor facility, but a team spokesman said a final decision won't be made until Wednesday morning.

The Packers were originally scheduled to practice at Southern Methodist University. Their indoor venue would be at Highland Park high school, the alma mater of former and current Detroit Lions quarterbacks Bobby Layne and Matthew Stafford.

Don't be fooled. As you would expect from a Texas high school, the Highland Park facility is big-time. Check out the photograph that accompanies this story in the Park Cities People.

With Super Bowl XLV to be played indoors, it's hard to imagine why the Packers would practice outdoors in snow and ice. But we'll keep you updated on this critical issue.

*Update: The Packers just announced they will practice indoors Wednesday. Hallelujah!