Rodgers hearing it from fans

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
What kind of summer has it been like for Aaron Rodgers? More disturbing than you might have realized, based on an interview he gave to a handful of Green Bay reporters Friday at Lambeau Field.

Fans have booed him at different times throughout training camp, which is almost to be expected given the raw emotions generated by the Brett Favre saga. On top of that, however, Rodgers revealed that some fans -- including a few children -- have hurled profane, personal insults when encountering him on the grounds of training camp.

Here's how Rodgers described it Friday, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"I understand it to some point if I put myself into a [Brett] Favre fanatic's shoes. The things I can't understand, the things I really take personally, is when I'm driving up to the [parking lot] gate and punching in my punch code and somebody says [expletive] to me. That kind of bothers me. Or when a little kid is yelling swear words at me. That kind of gets to me. The boos, they expect a high level of play and they miss Brett Favre. I understand that. But the [expletives] and the little kids saying swear words to me, I don't understand that."

Rodgers has handled the Favre situation about as well as anyone could have hoped for, understanding his role was to sit back and let it play out. But he will have to learn not to take such incidents personally. His training camp performances have been inconsistent, but the booing and insults are simply misdirected venom aimed at the team for its handling of Favre.