Compiling our 2010 All-NFC North team

Because the NFC North season extended into the second week of February, we're a bit behind on some important administrative matters. Today, I need your help compiling our All-NFC North team for 2010.

As in previous years, I've already filled in the names I consider indisputable. Your job is to suggest candidates for the less definitive positions, designated by the subtle "HELP" request. The comments section below is the best place for nominations. You can also let me know if you have a beef with any of the presumptions I've made.

A few notes to consider:

  1. I gave us some flexibility in the offensive backfield with a "TE/FB" because I don't think the fullback position is valuable enough in this division to merit a spot on this team. If you disagree, feel free to make a nomination. You can also nominate an extra tight end or, if you want, a second tailback.

  2. The Green Bay Packers' 3-4 defense means we don't have an apples-to-apples comparison at each position, but my guess is it won't cause any issues. I'm thinking linebacker Clay Matthews and nose tackle B.J. Raji are probably the only players among the Packers' front seven who will merit final inclusion.

  3. No, the cornerback position is not a misprint. I thought Tramon Williams was not only the Packers' best cornerback in 2010, but also one of the best in the NFL. Teammate Charles Woodson might well deserve the other spot, but I want to see some debate on the merits of Antoine Winfield (Minnesota Vikings) and Charles Tillman (Chicago Bears) before making a final call.

  4. I know that the NFL's official All-Pro team is based only on regular-season games, but we're not bound by such conventions here. You can use the postseason to bolster or weaken a player's case if you choose.

  5. I'll review your comments, complete the team and re-post the chart by Friday.

  6. For comparison's sake, follow this link to the 2009 team and this link to our team from 2008.