DraftWatch2011: Gabbert preps for combine

As the NFL's scouting combine begins later this week, we'll start getting a better idea if -- as in recent years -- the best quarterback in the draft emerges as the consensus No. 1 overall pick. This information will be particularly important to the Minnesota Vikings, who are hoping to draft their quarterback of the future at No. 12 overall.

There isn't yet a consensus on the top passer in this draft. ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr.Insider thinks it is Auburn's Cam Newton, while Todd McShayInsider favors Missouri's Blaine Gabbert. We brought you Trent Dilfer's analysis of Newton's media workout earlier this month. Below, you'll see Gabbert working on combine prep with former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Terry Shea.

The Vikings would have to make a significant trade in order to be the first team to select a quarterback this spring, but they have a decent chance at grabbing the second. I'm guessing we'll hit this topic a few more times before the draft.