McCarthy's new deal: More than Smith's?

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has signed a long-awaited contract extension, prompting the biggest question I have from an NFC North perspective: Is McCarthy now the highest-paid coach in the division?

The particulars of coaching salaries are among the closest-held secrets in the NFL. They have no official union, and often the only people who know for sure are the coach, agent and team owner. But stay with me for a moment, just for kicks.

McCarthy was believed to be earning about $4 million per season under his previous deal, and Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that salary would be bumped by about $1 million annually.

That would put McCarthy at about $5 million per season, the same that Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith was making before the Bears extended his contract a week ago. It's reasonable to assume Smith received a raise as part of the agreement, but we may never find out for sure.

Needless to say, winning Super Bowl XLV called for the Packers to adjust McCarthy's deal. The team did not specify the new length of McCarthy's contract, but it is believed to be for an additional three years. If that's the case, it will keep him under contract through the 2015 season. The new contract of general manager Ted Thompson also extends through 2015.

What we can say is that McCarthy is locked up for longer than any other NFC North coach. Here is the best information I have on each of the four:

Mike McCarthy: Signed through 2015 at an estimated $5 million per season

Lovie Smith: Signed through 2013 at an estimated $5+ million per season

Leslie Frazier: Signed through 2013, with an option for 2014, at about $2.8 million per season

Jim Schwartz: Signed through 2012 at about $2.75 million per season